Write for Film Notes

We would like to invite members of the community who are passionate and knowledgeable about film to contribute to Film Notes. These are short essays, roughly between 800 and 1,000 words, which are distributed as patrons enter the auditorium and, later, posted on the Theatre’s website. Beyond the word length, the guidelines are fairly loose. We only hope to avoid the plot summaries and superficial value judgments of newspaper criticism; this sort of writing is already widely available and sets for itself a different task than our own.

The key purpose of these notes is to provide a context for the further appreciation of a specific film. Obvious approaches may involve a discussion of its production and critical history, a reading of its aesthetic qualities, or an analysis of its place within related contexts (a particular national cinema, a historic moment, the work of a director, actor, etc.), but precisely what form this takes is up to the writer. Anything from a personal recollection of the first time you saw Vertigo to an abridged academic paper on its critique of the male gaze is encouraged. Whatever generates further discussion and demonstrates a genuine passion or enthusiasm for the chosen film (though a note may also be explicitly critical) is welcome.

We hope that you will consider writing for us. The Brattle Theatre benefits from your valuable contributions, and, in turn, you are provided a unique opportunity that would benefit you, whatever your current position or goals. For students, film notes provide a forum to rework your academic findings for public consumption. For film critics, film notes are a way to write about films that you might not otherwise have the opportunity to write about. For bloggers, film notes deliver access to a different or wider audience than you might normally have. Above all, you will be contributing to the development and sustenance of Boston’s film culture by providing the public a reason to leave home to see great films. Here, we hope, your interests and ours are the same.

If you would like further information, please contact Yangqiao Lu at [email protected].