Cornetto Trilogy Supplemental Reading


In preparation for our Wright On! series, we’ve compiled a list of recommended articles on Edgar Wright’s Cornetto trilogy.  

The L.A. Time‘s Gina McIntyre discusses the personal relationship between director Edgar Wright and the co-stars of his Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg.  From 2013, with the release of The World’s End, the review highlights their history of collaboration.

The Week‘s Matt Cohen interviewed Wright and Frost in 2013 to discuss their creative process, the trilogy’s distinctive British humour, and their favorite science fiction movies.

A.V. Club’s A.A. Dowd sat down with Wright, Pegg, and Frost in 2013, where the three discuss the common themes shared by all three films, including identity loss and “perpetual adolescence.”

Indiewire’s Ben Travers talked with Wright about his extensive knowledge of pop culture and science fiction films, especially the homages throughout his own films.  Wright also discusses the challenges of creating audience sympathy and motivation to watch an unlikable protagonist.

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