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Keanu Scanner Darkly

The rotoscoping technique has evolved alongside the special effects world for close to a century. Since the beginning popularity of the silent, animated short, to the experimental film wave, animation and real life film footage began cohabiting the screen together instead of sticking to their respective corners. By basing animated sequences on actual movements, backgrounds, and environments, the jumpy, free drawn cartoons that may have existed prior are trumped by a whole new league of clashing styles.

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In the typical form of modern film exhibition, movie theaters buzz with the attraction of single feature films. These films are preceded by eight to ten minutes of trailers brandishing other single features arriving in the next couple of months. With the exception of the midnight release or the celebratory Sunday marathon, the presence of single motion picture screenings has become the movie theater’s undisputable standard.

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In preparation for our H.P. Lovecraft quasquicentennial tribute this weekend, we’ve compiled a list of recommended articles about Lovecraft adaptations in general, as well as specific films in this series. Look for a Film Note on THE CRIMSON CULT later this week. Also, be sure to check out Ben Sunday’s take on IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS.  

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