Editorial Team:

Bo Clay, Editor
Bo Clay is the editor of Film Notes. A Kentucky native, Bo grew up watching westerns and major blockbusters before landing close friends who were wise enough to challenge him with directors like Fellini, David Lynch, Spike Lee, Kiarostami, and Bergman, among others. He lives a 10-minute walk from the Brattle and can’t wait to make the trip again in the post-pandemic world.

Current Contributors:

We’re currently in the process of relaunching Film Notes, so please stay tuned as we bring on additional contributors.

Past Contributors:

Brad Avery
Brad is a writer and journalist from the greater Boston area. For more of his film writing follow him on Letterboxd.

Eli Bonnin-Vail
Eli studied film, history, and gender studies at Brandeis University. He blogs about comics, film, gender, pop culture, and occasionally politics on Medium.

Larry Cherkasov
Larry is studying English in his final undergraduate year at Harvard College, focusing on the literature of poverty in the early twentieth century.

Kerry Fristoe
I watch a lot of movies. I like large bugs, hard-boiled detectives, scary monsters, and Leeloo. My teenager begs me to stop quoting films, but I’m not going to stand here and see that thing cut open and have that little Kintner boy spill out all over the dock! Oh wait. I write about a weird variety of films on

Christian Gay
Christian holds a PhD in Film Studies from the University of Miami, and has taught courses on the American studio system, queer cinema, and Alfred Hitchcock. Some of his favorite filmmakers are Stanley Kubrick, Pedro Almodovar, Woody Allen, Zhang Yimou and Mike Leigh.

Matt Hannigan
Matt writes frequently for, and his film reviews can be found at

Brandon Irvine
Brandon reads and watches with purpose and sometimes blogs at

Natalie Jones
Natalie is a student living in Manchester, New Hampshire. She can distinctly remember where she was and how the rest of her day went after seeing Chantal Akerman’s Jeanne Dielman for the first time. While her critical interests vary, she is often resolved to viewing and responding to films through a feminist lens.

Justin LaLiberty
Justin holds degrees in film preservation from the L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation and film studies from Keene State College. He is a regular contributor to Paracinema Magazine, writes the Geek Weird column for Geek New Wave and is currently writing a book on XXX parody films. He is a Creative Associate at Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers and regularly haunts NYC movie houses showing any type of genre/trash cinema.

Victoria Large
Victoria is a Massachusetts-based writer who has also contributed to Bright Lights Film Journal and Not Coming to a Theater Near You.

Stephen Mayne
Stephen recently moved to Cambridge from the UK. He writes on film for a number of publications including and

Jessie McAskill
Jessie enjoys writing, talking, and watching movies. She blends these interests as a contributing writer and podcaster at

Tessa Mediano
A Boston native with a BA in English from Boston College, she has volunteered for several local film festivals, including the Boston International Film Festival and the Independent Film Festival. In her free time, Tessa watches as many films as she can while still guaranteeing at least seven hours of sleep on weekdays, and considerably fewer hours on weekends.

Greg Mucci
Equal parts Frankenstein’s monster and The Wolf Man, Greg Mucci became enamored with movies after experiencing The Shining at the impressionable age of seven. While working at a Blockbuster in a small suburb of Connecticut, he fell in love with Carol Reed’s The Third Man and Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead trilogy, furthering his love for movies and horror. After realizing his high school lacked a film class, he quickly fled the state to Boston to attend Northeastern University. In between working as a barista at Curio Coffee, Greg can be found begging for passes to screeners and writing reviews as ReelBrew.

Shayna Murphy
Shayna is a Boston-based writer writer and a lover of horror movies. Follow her on twitter @philfishpaw.

Tyler Patterson
Tyler is a filmmaker and writer from Massachusetts. He previously served as the Editorial Assistant for Brattle Film Notes. 

Leo Racicot
Ever since my father took me to the drive-in theater when I was five, I have loved the movies. I am a total movie nut and will watch anything, from the five-and-a-half hour, uncut version of Bertolucci’s 1900 to Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (both are do-able if you pop a NO-DOZ before you hit PLAY). My sister, Diane, who keeps track of these things, says I have watched close to 3,000 movies in the last 6-7 years. In the 1970s, I worked as film programmer for The Paris here in Boston and for Dollar Cinemas in Las Vegas, in the early 90s. I have written movie reviews and commentary for Z Magazine (produced by Jerry Harvey for his wonderful “Z” Channel), Cineaste, Film Comment, Cahiers du Cinema, Empire, and for—ta-dah!—The Brattle! I am currently working on a long retrospective of the work of one of my all-time favorites, Jeff Bridges!

Juan Ramirez
Juan is a candidate for a degree in Media and Screen Studies from Northeastern University. He regularly contributes to The Huntington News as a correspondent and as a bi-weekly Arts & Entertainment columnist and can often be found manically attempting to convert friends and passersby into fellow film enthusiasts, to varying degrees of success.

Bridget Foster Reed
I’m a mixed media artist from Braintree, MA. I investigate various art disciplines, particularly ancient processes and film in non-traditional ways. The genre of Film Noir in particular, with its play on lighting to convey the motives of characters, directs my decision-making. My current body of work involves the creation of 3-D models influenced by my interest in set design and the use of miniatures in film. These models are then photographed with a Film Noir aesthetic using techniques I have acquired from studying film. More of my work can be found here.

Michael Roberson
A film enthusiast living in Somerville, Massachusetts, he co-hosts Nameless Cults, a podcast specializing in horror and weird fiction.

Selin Sevinç
Selin is a screenwriter and script consultant at Magic of Story. She holds two degrees in film and television theory and production. She is a member of the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI). She blogs about the craft of screenwriting at

Eric Shoag
Eric is a freelance writer & longtime Brattle supporter who received his BA in film from BU.

Chelsea Spear
Chelsea is a frequent contributor to and is the Latin Alternative correspondent for The Spill Magazine. Her byline has also appeared in Bust Magazine and at The Boxx. She lives in Somerville.

Nadia Clare Smith
Nadia Clare Smith is a historian and author of books and articles on history and film. She appreciates the laconic, laid-back ’80s comedies of Susan Seidelman, Jim Jarmusch, and Aki Kaurismaki, as well as other masterpieces of ’80s comedy such as Ernest Goes to Camp and Troop Beverly Hills. Nadia has contributed essays on RebeccaAlice in the Cities, and Desperately Seeking Susan to Film Notes. She was once mistaken for a filmmaker at a Fassbinder retrospective in Dublin.

Benjamin Sunday
Ben watches too much TV.

Chase Sui Wonders
Chase is studying Film Production in her final undergraduate year at Harvard College. She writes for the Harvard Lampoon and makes short films.

Tara Zdancewicz
Tara is pursuing her MFA in Film and Television Studies at BU. She enjoys gushing about film to the undergraduates that she teaches.


Additional contributors will be added at a later date – stay tuned!