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April 30, 2012 / / Main Slate

John Carter

I still don’t understand the glee with which the media greeted the premature burial of John Carter. The New York Times declared it the new Ishtar after one weekend. Entertainment Weekly gave it a D, a grade they rarely give out except in cases such as Battlefield Earth and Norbit, and has continued to rag on the film since. Most confusingly, Disney announced the film as a $200 million write-off after only two weeks in theaters. How many studios will declare their own film a bomb while still in theaters? John Carter’s a punchline now. Polling and the popularity of Facebook campaigns for a sequel seems to indicate a lot of the people who saw it liked it, but with all the premature negative press, word of mouth success was never a hope for this film. How can you convince people to see something when all the advanced negative press has created a self-fulfilling prophesy? People at Disney are getting fired over it. Fair enough, at least for whoever’s idea was it to give the movie such a bland title (why didn’t they call it John Carter and the Princess of Mars, to give it context and romance and a sense of Harry Potter/Indiana Jones-style excitement?). I just pray this film doesn’t end up killing the career of the director who managed to make the honestly good movie at the center of the business fiasco: Andrew Stanton.