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May 31, 2012 / / Main Slate Archive

Bottle Rocket – 1996 – dir. Wes Anderson

Before studios trusted Wes Anderson with millions, assured his particular type of humor would return their invested interested, there was Bottle Rocket.  Largely underrated and now assuming the glory of cult-status, it is a vital piece of Anderson’s pantheon of work, but most importantly, Bottle Rocket is hilarious.  Before the young director had a strong enough reputation to hire an ensemble cast, or the time to selectively craft the composition of each individual frame, all never mind shots, all he had were two buddies who acted and a simple story about love.  What became of our auteur is movie history, but to watch Bottle Rocket now is akin to a treasure hunt with the casual surfacing of Wes Anderson’s primitive, distinctive humor hidden underneath a low-budget surface.