Tag: Cheatin’


I’m going to hit you with some stats. The Disney juggernaut FROZEN (2013) skated jubilantly to the bank with a $67 million dollar gross on opening weekend. Bill Plympton’s independent animated feature CHEATIN’ (2014) made $5,293 on its opening weekend. Obviously, these numbers aren’t a surprise given the odds stacked against CHEATIN’. FROZEN had a budget of $150 million backed by one of the most influential studios in the world, while CHEATIN’ made a plea to the masses on Kickstarter to raise the $75,000 necessary to do something artistically revolutionary. Another vital distinction is that Bill Plympton animated this film himself. The film consists of over 40,000 drawings hand-painted by only eight artists. FROZEN had 166 animators feverishly developing a winter wonderland that would make Bing Crosby croon. FROZEN also falls into the predictable practice of trying to cram as many A-list celebrities onto their promotional poster as possible. Plympton, on the other hand, opted out of having a cast in his film. As David Puddy would say, “Yeah that’s right”. No cast. No voices.