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Don’t let the premise of HORNS fool you. Though there are gigantic horns growing out of Ig’s (Daniel Radcliffe) forehead and murder is the centerpiece of the film, it is not a horror film. In fact, nearly every aspect of this film and its production point toward it being a horror film, but at its very core, it is a beautiful love story. Love can be a more extreme emotion than fear, and director Alexandre Aja is known for his extremes.

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By Peggy Nelson

Five Easy Pieces – 1970 – dir. Bob Rafelson

In Five Easy Pieces (dir. Bob Rafaelson, 1970) Robert Eroica Dupea, played by a young-ish Jack Nicholson, has “dropped out” by dropping down a couple of levels in the class structure.  Frustrated by the constraints of a serious classical music career, when we first meet him he is working on an oil rig, hanging out with his working class buddies at the bowling alley, and dating a diner waitress (Karen Black), in a thorough rejection of his upper class background and ideals.