Tag: Modern Times


The iconic Charlie Chaplin, as the Little Tramp, does it again in the 1936 film, MODERN TIMES, a commentary on the effects of the American people during the Great Depression. Although known for his comedy, Chaplin took on a serious role as a filmmaker and artist by interpreting the living and working situations of many individuals as they struggled through the 1930s. For some, the perfect comedic timing that leaves audiences in stiches may mask the richness within the film. In the opening shots where he compares people to cattle by juxtaposing shots of each being herded along indicates an unexpected depth beneath the silly hijinks. Here Chaplin adapts to the advancement of cinematic grammar, in what is perhaps a direct response to the filmic language utilized by the likes of Russian filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein, a ‘poet of the people,’ who also captured the struggle of the working class in his films.