Tag: Much Ado About Nothing

September 11, 2013 / / Main Slate


Here are the things you should know about how Joss Whedon’s, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, came about:

– Joss Whedon hosts Shakespeare readings at his house.

– Whedon adapted the William Shakespeare play, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, for this production.

– It was shot in 12 days at his house during his short vacation from working on THE AVENGERS.

– The cast is made up of his friends, mostly actors he worked with in the past (Firefly, THE AVENGERS, Dollhouse, Angel) who had attended Whedon’s Shakespeare readings.

– It is in black and white. (But do not be daunted! The black and white removes the film one step from our reality, existing in a world that is both modern and Shakespearean at the same time. Also, it looks pretty.)