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Peter Greenaway’s 1989 magnum opus of skin, excrement, violence and gallows humor opens with restaurateur Albert (Michael Gambon) smearing dog feces all over a young man that he then has stripped naked outside. Albert introduces his wife to the man, “This is my wife Georgina Spica, she’s got a heart of gold and a body to match” then himself, “I am Albert Spica and I have a heart of gold and a great deal of money to match” and then the victim “And you are Roy, who’s got absolutely nothing, except what you owe me. You are humiliated in front of a lady, you are humiliated in front of us”. At this point, Roy is naked and in a near fetal position on the ground under Albert to which he sets the tone for what is to follow in the next 120 minutes: “Now I’ve given you a good dinner, and you can have a nice drink” – he then unzips his pants and urinates all over Roy – “Now you behave yourself in the future and pay when I ask you or next time I’ll make you eat your own shit after forcing it through your dick like toothpaste”. End scene.