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June 28, 2013 / / Main Slate


Almost forty years after the release of Phantom of the Paradise, the music of Paul Williams is experiencing a bit of a revival.  His most famous song, “The Rainbow Connection”, appeared in the latest Muppet Movie, and up-and-coming artists like the Alkaline Trio and Rachel Yamagata covered his tunes on The Green Album, a tribute to the Muppets.  Fans of the visionary French robotic duo Daft Punk have heard his disembodied voice on their latest album, Random Access Memories.  Even one-man corn syrup factory Jason Mraz paid tribute to the songsmith in an event hosted by ASCAP.  Still Alive, a highly personal documentary about Williams’ showbiz career and his work as a substance abuse counselor, opened to great acclaim in NYC and LA earlier this year.