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March 20, 2017 /

More often than not, image and music exist on separate planes in cinema. Though movies have soundtracks and music videos give visual expression to what is otherwise left for the ear, there are only rare instances – without mentioning musicals, which are more of an adaptation of theatrical sentiment than an indigenously cinematic form – where the audio and the video are so inherently linked that they demand to be considered a whole. These cross-disciplinary experiments are marked by the palpable vitality that can come only from artists in full control of their vision.

July 10, 2014 / / Main Slate Archive


Hard to believe, but true: STOP MAKING SENSE turned thirty earlier this year.  The Talking Heads’ sole departure into concert films seems ageless in the appeal of its music and its engaging live show.  Contemporary bands cite it as a musical and visual influence on their own work, and few other concert films have captured its potency or brought its subjects to a wider audience with the same skill.