Tag: Tattooed Life

May 26, 2016 / / Main Slate Archive

Donning a kimono and brandishing an oil-paper umbrella and a concealed tanto, a man dazzlingly assassinates a crime boss, his appearance hidden until execution. Double crossed by his gang, our crime saturated hit-man’s life is threatened, and subsequently rescued by his younger brother – an aspiring artist who becomes the killer he isn’t. Fearing for their lives, our brothers set out for a safe haven away from their inevitable pursuers, winding up in the mining town of Manchuria, a place that only alludes to a perfect utopia for our fugitives. Hidden under a guise of falsity, their existence beholden to the embrace of a new type of gang, we begin to see the brother’s grapple with shedding their former selves; one that covers his tracks, while the younger falters back from his actions. Despite settling down away from the life of a yakuza, there remains a continual sense of urgency and movement, one that kicks up sand and cloaks our world in a false identity and a distorted hope.