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December 11, 2013 / / Main Slate Archive


Extra! Extra! Come one, come all to the Brattle Theater! Coen brothers’ THE HUDSUCKER PROXY rings in 1994 with campy hilarity! What, this is old news? We’re on the brink of 2014, and I’m dwelling on a film that came out in 1994? Well, according to the tagline for Hudsucker Industries (the fictional title corporation), “The Future Is Now!” By that irrefutable logic, 2014 could just as easily be 1994, and vice versa—if we take that tagline literally and refute the existence of linear temporality altogether. If the future is now in the past that means the past is now in the future! Where did the present go? Screenings of HUDSUCKER PROXY—produced in 1994, set in 1958—will surely continue to captivate present-day audiences; does that send the present to the past, or the past to the present?